If your fondest wish is to wander the aisles of a curated-from-around-the-world craft chocolate shop and taste some exquisite new things, guess what?

It's happening!!

The Chocolate Dispensary & Tasting Room will open in LA in 2024!

We are not-so-secretly anymore building a retail space and tasting room in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles where you will be able to explore the wide and wonderful world of craft chocolate in a welcoming, comfy environment.

Once open, you'll be able to stop by and grab a gift for Mom, enjoy a cup of pour-over coffee (including decaf – whaaaa?), check out a variety of drinking chocolates, indulge in a truffle (or three), and stock your chocolate drawer with the newest and greatest from small-batch, bean-to-bar, artisan chocolate makers and chocolatiers from around the world. 

We'll host weekly tasting events where we focus on a theme, origin, or maker and share a variety of different chocolates to delight your palate and feed your understanding and appreciation of craft chocolate.

We just signed the lease so it's going to be a minute while we build out the space so please indulge your current cravings within our collections and order your daily dose of delicious today!