LetterPress Chocolate

David and Corey met in high school but were just friends for years. Corey always had a passion for the environment while David was obsessed with graphic design and traveling. They eventually married, and in 2011, they traveled to St. Lucia and happened to stop at a cocoa plantation. By 2013, the couple was running a bean-to-bar chocolate blog called Little Brown Squares. David, while working as an artist at DreamWorks Animation, founded the DreamWorks Chocolate Society, and started selling homemade chocolate bars to his fellow animators.

By 2016, the couple’s little apartment had become overwhelmed with chocolate-making equipment. They found a shared kitchen just down the street. A year later they were able to purchase the kitchen and it wasn’t long before they took over the entire space, renovated the retail area, and held their grand opening in September 2018.